A Prophetic-Redemptive Hermeneutic – Isaiah 56

In my last post, I made the following statement:

I’ve been convinced for a long time now that most of the significant arguments (ostensibly) about what the Bible says are actually more about how the Bible is being read. It may be surprising to some, but there is not just one ‘correct’ way to read these sacred texts. I’m convinced that there are ‘better’ and ‘worse’ reading strategies, but I think it’s naive to suggest that there is only one ‘right’ approach.

In these next few posts, I’d like to offer some thoughts on an approach to reading the Bible that I’ve been kicking around for about a decade now. What I’m not offering here is the way that I think we should all read the biblical texts, but something that I think could be helpful to add into the mix — especially when it comes to some of the more ‘difficult’ things that we encounter in the Bible.

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