My name is Josh (though I kind of prefer being called ‘Jack’) Dowton, and I’m a seeker of faith, hope, and love.

I’m a student of history, theology, nonviolence, and missional thinking. It’s probably important to note, though, that I’m profoundly ‘amateur’ in regards to each.

I’m a husband, a father, a learner, a passionate arguer (but nonviolence practitioner), a blogger, a social justice campaigner, and a reckless social media user.

I’ve been gripped by a vision of hope expressed beautifully by the great prophet (and ‘gangsta’ rapper) Tupac Shakur, when mashed up with a few words from Jesus of Nazareth:

[The kingdom of heaven is like] a broken rose giving bloom through the cracks of the concrete.

I try to seek out and nurture hope in seemingly hopeless situations; to draw beauty out of ugliness, and life out of death. I try to tell colourful stories in a black and white world.

I don’t always do these things well.