Paralysed by Infinite Choice

Moving to something of a lighter topic than the last post (while keeping the same holiday setting as an introduction), I want to use this post as an opportunity to discuss my theory of the crushing burden of too much choice. Yes, that’s right, I said “too much choice”.

Please let me explain.

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The Value of Human Life, and the ‘Other’

I was recently on holidays with my family in Australia’s magnificent Whitsundays(!). This post could easily become an advertisement for such a truly beautiful part of the world (and the extraordinary privilege I have to be able to take a holiday there), but I’ll try to stay on point. It was a wonderful time for our family, and our children enjoyed it immensely.

Many times the kids simply wore themselves out, and we ended up carrying them back to our resort room for a rest before once more setting out on our adventures. One such time, I was carrying my exhausted 2-year-old daughter in both arms (with her in a reclined position across my body), and I got caught up in admiring her beautiful porcelain-like skin and her perfect face and began smiling to myself at just how tired she must have been to be in such a comatose-like state.

However, as I admired her almost-perfect stillness, my thoughts were violently invaded by the powerful and highly distressing pictures I had recently seen from the excellent French photographer Anne Paq (follow her on Twitter at @annepaq). You can view some of the images here: (*I do warn you, as strongly as I can, that these images probably will – and should – stay with you forever*).

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